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Company background

The CK Birla Group is known for long-lasting business relationships, many of which have been built over decades of collaboration. Our associations with customers, technology partners and sales partners are defined by trust, mutual respect and outstanding teamwork.

Strong collaboration underlines all our partnerships. For instance, we have signed two joint-venture agreements with the PSA Group to produce and sell vehicles and components in India by 2020. This partnership will bring state of the art technology for an eco-friendly and safe new product range in line with future industry norms and customers’ expectations. We manufacture entire engines for Daimler—the first time the automotive major has trusted a partner with such a responsibility. We own multiple Superbrands, thanks to enduring customer goodwill. We work closely with alliance partners in IT, including SAP and Oracle. Our technical collaborations include a more than 30-year association with BRENCO for railway equipment. And our unique relationship with Caterpillar has continued unbroken for the last 27 years. Group companies have also received customer awards year after year recognizing excellence in service, manufacturing and standards.

The Group has a track record of working with partners to adapt technology to local requirements and manufacturing capabilities. We continue to forge technical and business collaborations as the CK Birla Group prepares for even greater success.


  • Birlasoft: Global applications outsourcing provider
  • AVTEC: Manufacturers of Powertrains and Precision Engineered Products
  • NEI: Bearings manufacturer and exporter
  • Neosym: Grey and SG iron casting manufacturing company
  • GMMCO: Distributors of construction and mining equipment and engine power systems


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