• Location:

  • Rate/Salary:

    INR 0 - 0 lakh p.a
  • Experience:

    8 - 10 years

Company overview


Royal Enfield

As the oldest motorcycle company in continuous production, Royal Enfield made its first
motorcycle in 1901. The team is growing consistently, competitively and profitably over a decade
now, actively chasing its aim to be the #1 global mid-size motorcycle company and be the #1 Brand
in product and service excellence.
At Royal Enfield, we don’t simply on focus on what we do, but how we do it is also very important
to us. We do not follow the industry conventions, or take the well-trodden path. We create our
own path and that has led us to this outstanding success in the past. Our values and the brand
remains at the core of all our activities, as we work towards transforming Royal Enfield into a
complete experiential brand.
To that effect, we are adding quality and diversity to the existing team by bringing in new people
from different industries providing us with a wide range of thoughts and ideas; people from
different parts of the world to help us learn about the markets we intend to serve in the future.
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Manager - Administration

at Royal Enfield as Full-time

Job Description

Education : Post Graduate
Experience : 8-10 years

Job Responsibilities

Provide the leadership to the Facility Management team encompassing:

Oversee the operation, staffing, performance and development of the Facilities Management service
delivery staff.
Ensure Facility/Property Management by providing a seamless interface
Demonstrate leadership, responsiveness and creativity.

· Oversee the development and management of the capital and expense budgets.
· Develop and implement the annual management plan; accomplish key performance indicators as
· Oversee compilation and deliver the appropriate monthly/quarterly/annual reporting.
· Monitoring the Performance of all Service Personnel.
· Assist entire Team members ( Front Office, Help Desk,Executives,MIS Billing )
· Effectively manage the Help Desk, ensuring all the procedures processes and requirements are
undertaken in a timely and effective manner.
· Undertake comprehensive re-tendering procedures for all outsourced services.
· Participate in the Emergency Evacuation procedures including Crisis Management and Business
· Develop the necessary policies and procedures required for all functions within the scope of
Administrative Assistant
· Coordinate discussions with each direct report regarding goal setting, performance reviews, and career
development planning and incentive/salary administration.
· Actively seek to train subordinates in all aspects of Non technical services.
· Share best practices with the assigned owner of best practices.
· Responsible for making SLA/SOW
· Responsible for handling Travel Desk
· Responsible for maintaining the Guest Houses.
· Responsible for Medical room and multipurpose room.
· Developing and implementing building procedures and performance
· Measures to ensure Simplification and accuracy of work methods and reliability of System
· Managing the facility and regular office operations: Housekeeping Team, Regular office meeting
arrangements, security, hot and cold beverages etc.
· Security Management and Visitor management etc.
· Managing the cafeteria operations: Regular kitchen Audit, Managing Cafeteria vendor, Menu setting,
Tuck shops, MIS, etc.
· Cafeteria card management.
· Vendor management and selection of vendors in accordance with the needs of the organization.
· Managing communication facility such as mobile SIM etc.
· Horticulture management.
· Forecasting and planning the planning of departmental expenses and ensuring adherence to budgetary
· Interacting with different departments for the maintenance of all the office equipment.
· Agreement renewal for different services.